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Our Work

BONDi is not your typical video, web and print communications production firm.

We're not generalists like many video & photo production companies who shoot anything from weddings to outdoor sporting events. We've gathered together a team of specialists in producing stunningly HIGH-QUALITY COMMERCIAL, GOVERNMENT and CORPORATE videos. Our team has filmed a very wide variety of professional videos from TV spots for broadcast on Network channels, to blockbuster motion pictures, compelling infomercials and corporate communications. We also provide world-class PHOTOGRAPHY that is as breathtaking as it is beautiful. And we've stepped into the world of the internet and produce high-quality, exciting websites for our clients.

Our Work

We're ORGANIZED, EXPERIENCED, TOUGH and VERY COMPETITIVE. And we're ready to serve you and achieve great results together. It's a win-win experience for our clients.


Bondi Productions is an award-winning premier video, print and documentary production company.


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